Admission Policy

Julep welcomes all of our guests. We have long-standing house policies relating to the admission, conduct and safety of all guests. Please read and respect the policies listed below. Individuals not adhering to the policies and guidelines will not be admitted, or subject to be removed from Julep.

House Policies

  • We will not admit anyone who appears to be intoxicated. We will gladly arrange taxi service for our guests.
  • Loitering on these premises or in the adjacent parking areas is strictly prohibited.



In order to consume alcoholic beverages, you must establish that you are at least 21 years of age. You must have a valid identification card issued by a state or governmental agency containing your photograph, date of birth, height, sex and color of eyes. Julep is unable to accept forms of identification that are expired, cracked, altered, or damaged in any way.


Guests must behave courteously. Loud and/or abusive language, harassing other guests, or physical confrontations will not be tolerated.


There are designated smoking areas available, please adhere to those areas while smoking.


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